Billing traveler or travelers’ insurer is risky process. You can receive GOP in 24 hours after providing services but Insurer has the right to decline its coverage once the insured return home. Receiving Medical treatment on day of departure may be not paid to provider as either traveler has no cash or his credit card issuer decline payment after flying back. In most conditions are emergency cases and providers have no chance or time to query payment or hesitate prior providing service. Delaying in providing medical help , can risk provider future and may be international scam for your country. What you will do if the Assistance company which kept call you to follow the case and thanked you a lot during helping their insured, changed the voice and replied you that they did not authorize your medical services because they have an exclusive provider in your country or insured should call them prior having emergency or decide to die!!

Having Debit recovery process contract, will secure your fees and enhance your performance to think only in your job of helping people.

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