Our cost containment process is provider –friendly accepted by most of our colleagues “Providers “ without any prior trial of cashing the bill in advance or recovery harassment with the patient later. Insured receive full-required medical services with smile and without cost limiting due to previous unfair cost containment experience. Many polish and Russian exposed to serious health hazards and complication as result of receiving limited cost treatment due to unfair cost containment practice by local assistance. Insured will face No invoice recovery or taking to court after returning home back as provider claim of unauthorized deduction due to forced cost containment.

Our cost containment rendered by expert physicians :

  1. Patient data is handled as per HIPPA or Data Protection Act.
  2. No veterinary or accountants can be involved in process of audit patient medical data.
  3. Full understanding of medical requirements result in fair cost containment and satisfied cooperative provider.
  4. All medical community providers feeling trust and cooperate positively when their treatment protocol discussed with them by medical expert. No veterinaries or accountants engaged in this phase.
  5. Our physicians arrange medical assessment visit for inpatient cases at medical facilities to avoid exaggerated diagnosis or over treatment. Many cases got serious health hazards and complications due to unnecessary medical procedures, treatment and malpractice.
  6. No Provider-Cost containment office back deals or commission.
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