CAIRO ALARM is union of many providers , assistance , technical and logistic support companies, media ,…founded by Dr. Mostafa El-Shakankiry to cover the raised demand for professional medical assistance in Egypt. Dr. Mostafa El-Shakankiry has been in medical service since 1983 all over Egypt. His professionalism and reliability assigned him to take over the medical assistance for the major organizations in Egypt. He built a strong professional medical team who covers all the medical practicesfor hotel chains, huge originations, embassies, foreign community and medical insurance companies, authorities local & international within the Arab Republic of Egypt and even extend to some countries in the Middle East.

It is a matter of fact that nowadays the need for medical assistance has increased dramatically more than any other time. This is due to the alerted security situation in the Middle East. For every European tourist safety and security became a major area of concern. One of the main objectives of CAIRO ALARM S is to assure visitors to Egypt that they will be taken care of in the unlikely case of having any accident or health problem.

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